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Dear Yuletide

Well, I'll tell you Yuletide, I greatly appreciate you doing this. I haven't been able to participate in Yuletide for a while, except as a pinch hitter, so it's really great to get a story like this. I don't think I have any real squicks or NoTPs you ought to know about. I'm very open to you taking the premises I suggested and doing something crazy with it, as long as it's not totally disregarding the prompt. Don't feel any need to get too smutty, or too anything, with a story. For the Sucker Punch story, any pairing you want to pursue, or not pursue, is fine. The Jennifer's Body story is a Jennifer's Body story, so it should be Jen/Needy, but feel free to go with Jen being a ghost or an angel or an alternate personality, however you want to interpret that. A Perfect Getaway, I'd prefer post-movie, as hard as that is to work, but go with whatever feels right. Have fun, I'll almost certainly be satisfied with whatever you come up with!

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