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So I wasn’t really planning to comment on the rumor that there would be a trilogy of Wonder Woman films, with the first one set in the 1920s, simply because it sounded so spurious. Okay, I suppose I can believe that, even having committed to doing a WW2 Wonder Woman film because that’s how it was in the 1970s (!!!), DC would then make that the sequel to one set before the character was even originated.

(That’s really the only reason to do a WW2 movie. I’ve read quite a bit of Wonder Woman and she doesn’t ever really seem to deal with fall-out from the Nazis the same way Steve does. She doesn’t have any lingering foes or lost loves. It doesn’t work to make Cap the result of a supersoldier experiment during the Gulf War, but it works fine to have Steve Trevor crash on Paradise Island during the 2010s. So the only reason to tie Diana to WW2 is Silver Age nostalgia, so fuck that. I mean, we’re not going to even have a non-“used car salesman” Lex Luthor until next year. Of course, then he’s going to be so new-fangled that he’s some Mark Zuckerberg evil geek, so I fully admit I’m a hypocrite there. But c’mon, Smallville got this right. Smallville and a bunch of children’s cartoons. Bald guy, suit and tie, hates Superman, loves money. Doesn’t seem that hard)

But the thing about the movie starting off with “warring factions of Amazons” misses the point about as much as a Star Trek movie starting with a Federation civil war, or a Star Wars movie about trade disagreements. And honestly, I don’t think any studio plans out whole trilogies in advance—at least, not like this.

The whole idea of the franchise is that you do a movie, then you do it over again. You’ve got James Bond, Q, M, Moneypenny—sequel time, you get more Bond, Q, M, Moneypenny. With this plan, you’d pretty much be changing settings and supporting cast every movie. Now, Marvel’s done that sort of planning, but they’re clearly next-level: With TWS, they’ve lost all of the first movie’s stuff, so they bring in Peggy for a cameo, make Bucky the villain, and make Black Widow the female lead to tie it into The Avengers—making that movie a sort of Captain America 1.5.

DC—they make Man of Steel because their Superman copyright is about to run out (no, really), then when that underperforms, they add Batman to the sequel. Then they decide to make that sequel a launching board for every other character in their stable as well. I imagine that’ll go about as well for them as Amazing Spider-Man 2 worked at launching The Sinister Six.

Speaking offfffff, now that it’s turned out that Marvel was being totally truthful about working on a Peggy Carter TV show, a Black Panther movie, a Captain Marvel movie, et al—Is it really so hard to believe that they are working on a Black Widow movie, it’s just taking a while? Unless you want to believe that Marvel decided to do Black Panther and Captain Marvel the minute DC announced Wonder Woman and a Cyborg movie (yeah, that’s never gonna happen). What can I say, these things take time. Feige’s been wanting to do a Dr. Strange movie and it’s still only now happening.

So, drawback, with a BW movie happening in 2020 or later, I don’t think there’s any way they can make Scarlett Johansson look younger than she did in Iron Man 2 for it to be a prequel/origin story. Not a huge loss, since we saw how well “let’s explain the hero’s mysterious backstory in mindnumbing detail” worked for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. My prediction is that Widow will leave the Avengers after Infinity War, and with Johansson no longer being ‘double-booked,’ they’ll give her and Hawkeye a team-up movie in Phase 4 that’ll touch on the Red Room and all that but in some clever way—using the Yelena Belova storyline to give insight into what Natasha went through without us ever seeing Teen!Nat.

Also, a Wonder Woman period piece really seems derivative of Agent Carter at this point, who is a possibly a bigger fixture in pop culture right now. She was in the Captain America movie, the sequel, the one-shot, Agents of SHIELD, now a TV show… meanwhile, if you don’t read comics, about the only place you’ve seen Wonder Woman is The LEGO Movie.


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