Date: 2014-11-03 12:16 pm (UTC)
Historical Wonder Woman movies? I... actually kind of like that idea. DC's history is one of its few advantages over Marvel (so of course they rebooted the universe, because if you put a single rock in an empty room DC will trip over it, but moving on). Superman and Wonder Woman are both easy to picture in their WWII propaganda days. Now DC's committed to a modern-day Superman who ages roughly like humans do, but who the hell knows how long Amazons live? Wonder Woman can be DC's Cap, and they don't even need to freeze her or Captain Atom-jump her if they don't want to, because they make the rules. She's also just powerful enough to be a game-changer in WWII, but not so powerful she would immediately end it (assuming the invisible jet is sidelined).

Honestly, the more I think about this, the more I like it. Diana's personality isn't as defined as the male heroes', since she's always had to be all things to all superheroine-seeking readers. Giving her an extensive backstory instead is an easy way to set her apart. If she's been stuck in Man's World for a long time, that provides both a nice angst hook and an actual reason for her vaunted insight into our ways. And Diana is by far the most interesting character to do this with, because different decades have had about the same attitude toward (say) orphaned detectives and guys who run fast, but they have definitely not had the same attitude toward women, much less the kind who bench-press tanks.

It's just too bad this can't possibly be true. Wonder Woman 2 in WW2? Somebody is definitely taking the piss.
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