Jun. 6th, 2014

seriousfic: (Secret of the Kells)
*Not mine

-While putting the bronzed Paracelsus in his proper place, Myka inadvertently discovers that he’s become an Artifact that allows physical time-travel. This somehow leads to Myka and Helena having a threesome with the Warehouse 9 agent played by Rebecca Mader.

-An AU version of the penultimate episode, where Para-Valda is replaced by a Para-Helena. Naturally, the means of stopping her is much sexier.

-A crossover with OUAT: Shorlty after the finale, Myka and Pete go on a double-date with HG and Giselle, and ins short order come to realize that Pete and Myka aren’t menat to be together, Myka and HG are, and that Giselle is an OUAT version of the Amy Adams character from Enchanted who managed to leave Storybrooke somehow. One scene-transition later, the Warehouse crew arrives to investigate, shortly after the most recent season finale, with Regina mad at Emma’s inadvertently sabotaging her budding relationship with Robin. Naturally, HG and Myka realize that the actual cause of Emma and Regina’s spat is UST and set about getting rid of the U. Menawhile, Pete cuts an offscreen swathe through Storybrooke’s single ladies and Claudia and Hook, err, hook up, causing the latter to leave Storybrooke and become a Warehouse agent. Myka/Helena/Emma/Regina scene.

-A sequel to Warehouse 69. A crisis causes the regular team to call on their Pornverse counterparts out of a desperate need for reinforcements. But, once the crisis is over, Pete, Claudia, and her siblings are trapped in the pornverse, while the pornverse versions of Steve, Helena, and Myka’s sister Tracey are trapped in the regularverse. Story-arcs would address IMO, the final season’s second-biggest error in not even mentioning Josh in the Claire storyline; Myka dealing with having to share HG with Giselle; and Pete getting over the weirdness and enjoying his second stay in the pornverse. Myka/Tracey, Helena/Helena/Myka, and Claudia/Claudia.

-Pete and Myka have been whammied by an artifact that makes them think they’re in love. It’s one of those annoying artifacts that you need to do something to cure, in this case, have sex with someone they actually love. Myka/Helena, Pete/*insert one or more of his numerous exes*

-Abigail Cho has a bit of a mishap while shelving William Moulton Marston’s something-or-other, and acquires the strength of an Amazon…and a desire to show the Warehouse crew the joys of loving submission. Abigail/Myka, Abigail/Claudia, and/or Abigail/Pete


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