Mar. 3rd, 2014

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It really is a shame about Mel Gibson. I mean, he brought it on himself, yeah, but it always seemed to me like the guy had legit mental health issues, substance abuse stuff. So I've never really been sure how much of his stuff is on him and how much of it is fucked-up brain chemistry. And I completely get the attitude of "fuck 'im, there are non-jerk people who need jobs, let's give them a call" and I'm not saying people should hire him--probably the best thing would be for people to not hire him for these kinda freak-show "ha ha, we put Mel Gibson in our movie!" things so that he's forced to confront his issues and get his head right. Throwing money at someone while they're being an asshole is just not an incentive to stop being an asshole, you know?

But anyway, I was thinking about the rumor a few months back that RTD wanted to get Gibson and Jodie Foster jobs in the MCU because they're so tight. And obviously Foster's no problem--I actually think they should get her in as a contemporary of Fury, sort of a movieverse Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine (since Cobie Smulders' Marie Hill is pretty much La Contessa with Comicbook!MarieHill's haircut, but ignore me, I'm a Steranko fan-thing).

But Gibson--if he hadn't had his meltdown, maybe just taken a vacation instead, gotten a puppy or something, he actually would've made a good Hank Pym. Not in a cheap joke way and not that there's anything wrong with Michael Douglas, but think of someone who can goof off in the mighty Marvel fashion and then turn around and dramatically capture this kind of anguished character with all his issues and demons. He might even have made a good Nick Fury.

Hell, I actually liked his directorial work. Say what you will about The Passion of the Christ, but Apocalypto, he did a hard-R action movie with an entirely minority cast and all the dialogue in a foreign language. His follow-up was supposed to be a Viking movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. God, that would've been so cool! I want the alternate universe where Gibson was crazy in a "he's got a huge eff-you beard and he's smoking a joint" kinda way, not in a "UMMMM, we probably shouldn't use the word 'crazy'" way.


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