Jan. 5th, 2014

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You know, I don’t like discussing DC fucking up. I would like to make a post that’s just like “Denzel Washington is playing Lex Luthor, what a great choice.” But, here we are. The latest speculation for Batman Vs. Superman is that Wonder Woman won’t really be Wonder Woman, but will instead be a member of a long-lost Kryptonian colony on Earth that has, I guess, devolved to not being able to shoot lasers out of her eyes or freeze things with her breath or, uh, use laser guns instead of swords and arrows.

Yeah, I know it’s stupid. We all know it’s stupid. I’d like to say even DC isn’t that dumb, but uh, Gal Gadot. But this does kinda point to a big problem I have with DC, which is that Wonder Woman is literally their one token female.

I know, I know, you could criticize Marvel for the same thing, but they’re far less guilty of it. They have Black Widow, Peggy Carter, Lady Sif, et al, and they’re working on Jessica Jones, Agent 13, Scarlet Witch, the Wasp, and so on. They’re not perfect, but an effort is being made (unlike virtually any other studio doing comic book movies; what real female character has Fox done with the X-Men franchise? Sony with the Spider-Man franchise?). With DC, I get the feeling that they’re going to half-ass Wonder Woman onto the screen, say “look, we’re not sexist!”, and call it a day. No Black Canary, no Zatanna, just—yeah, Wonder Woman. What more do you want?

Back when David E. Kelley was doing his Wonder Woman pilot, I remembered saying that it was a terrible Wonder Woman story, but a halfway decent Power Girl story. Corporate titan by day, superhero by night, superhero action + self-aware comedy—that’s Power Girl. But Wonder Woman is DC’s token female, so whenever a project has ovaries involved, she gets shoved in there even if she’s not right for it. So in Batman Vs. Superman, she’s going to get a cameo and then they’re done with the female gender.

And look, I’m a Wonder Woman fan, but even I’ll admit that Wonder Woman isn’t necessarily the best female character DC has (it’s Big Barda. IT IS.). If the female lead in Batman Vs. Superman was Power Girl or Supergirl, with that origin, I’d be perfectly fine with that. It’s actually an improvement on whatever Peej’s origin story is this week, and if you just call the long-lost colony ‘Argo City,’ you’ve pretty much faithfully movieverse’d Supergirl’s secret origin. And neither of those characters are really A-list enough to warrant their own movie, anymore than Nightwing is. Wonder Woman not having her own movie is insulting, Power Girl not having her own movie is understandable. And when the Justice League movie came around, you could have two (or more!) female characters on the roster.

But no, Wonder Woman is DC’s token female, so she’s the only woman in the JLA (remember when the Nu52 rolled around and Cyborg was suddenly DC’s token black guy? Because that was hilarious. “Batman and Superman and Cyborg, they’ve been good friends since forever! Cyborg—such a big deal!” I’ve never seen an entire company say “I have a lot of black friends” before).


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